PerformanceBridge is a data aggregation platform to build software applications for healthcare. The data you need for your application is likely spread across multiple clinical systems, is difficult to access, and the semantics are different for every provider. PerformanceBridge was built to:

  1. Get the data regardless of vendor or protocol
  2. Understand the data to ensure consistent semantics
  3. Fix the data despite edge workflows and historically poor data governance
  4. Store the data consistently notwithstanding historical changes, parallel processing, and out of order messaging
  5. Enable developers to focus on their problem and guarantee application portability from provider to provider

Building on PerformanceBridge

PerformanceBridge is used by it's creators and third parties to build and deploy applications in healthcare. The architecture allows multiple points of integration. These are:

  • PerformanceBridge applications - An application that follows the packaging standards and best practices laid out by PerformanceBridge and is deployed/managed on PerformanceBridge infrastructure. Think of this as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model. These applications continue to be built using the methods described in the tutorial.
  • API only applications - An application hosted by the builder that utilizes PerformanceBridge APIs.
  • Data consumers - Lower level integration to gain access to the data only. This is not recommended, but sometimes used by 3rd Party BI solutions.

The PerformanceBridge API provides the pieces required for healthcare application. Namely:

single sign-on
Role based single sign on authentication ensure your data is well- protected and that you only enter your password once to access all applications.
unified data model
Through a unified, semantically understood data model applications developed for PerformanceBridge work the same everywhere.
centralized auditing
All PHI views are centrally logged with context on PerformanceBridge, and we provide a web interface for your administrators to view those logs.
clinical client integration
Through our context integration apps can launch or sync with PACS/RIS/HIS viewers without worrying about creating/configuring the integrations.
truly real-time
We don't just aggregate data in real-time, we deliver it to applications in real-time. No need for polling enables scalable, tactical applications.
robust querying
The API brings the full power of SQL with additional quality of life enhancements to developers through REST endpoints.

Where do I start?

When you're ready to start working on your application you'll need access to a PerformanceBridge Platform. To do so contact us at [email protected].

If you're still exploring we recommend reading more of the documentation. The tutorial is a walkthrough for building a PerformanceBridge application, but if you want to learn more about the APIs directly check out the API guide. If you're curious about the data model there are explanation of the semantics as well as a schema representation.

Getting Help

We are pleased to offer a Slack channel for developers. You can speak directly with our engineers and other application developers on the platform to ask questions, share tips, and participate in our development community. For access, please email [email protected].

Please remember to filter out any PHI in email or Slack communications.