v2.0.0 built 2021-05-12

  • enhancement: adds latest version of amqp-listener-dist.js; includes new connection parameter options
  • new: added Roll-up configuration, along with Typescript, Prettier, Eslint, Jest, and Husky into a new package.json file for future, compiled development
  • new: added networking files for making API requests using fetch
  • new: added amqp-listener-dist.js APM file for real-time messaging
  • improvement: removed jQuery partially from existing files

v1.0.6 built 2018-10-24

  • new: added currency module to convert numbers to currency
  • bugfix: changed .size() to .length to support jQuery 3. Size() deprecated

v1.0.5 built 2017-05-24

improvement: moved the latest integration window open function to windowAlt and restored the original window functionality

v1.0.4 built 2017-05-12

improvement: integration window open function now clears out opener (resolves integration with some PACS clients)

v1.0.3 built 2017-05-09

improvement: integration now supports params in the URL portion of the integration definition

v1.0.2 built 2017-02-03

improvement: integration now forces IE iframe to open in new window to address IE-specific issue with improper external protocol handling

v1.0.1 built 2015-10-06

  • new: added CHANGELOG
  • new: added version file
  • new: handle of external_system.integration_definition by setting a displayFunction
  • bugfix: fix for iframe display function

v1.0.0 built 2015-08-19

Initial release