v2.1.7 released 2019-05-10

bugfix: allow backporting of sanizatize_tags function

v2.1.6 released 2019-05-08

bugfix: add more tags and attributes to whitelist in sanitizatize_tags function. Also allow more tags and attributes to be passed in as options

v2.1.5 released 2019-03-19

bugfix: update HarbingerTableColumn to sanitize block output

v2.1.4 released 2019-03-14

improvement: update shared about page(remove USA, remove Application Suite)

v2.1.3 released 2019-02-20

bugfix: add build date to About page

v2.1.2 released 2018-09-24

improvement: update coloring for errors in dark theme

v2.1.1 released 2018-09-18

v2.1.0 released 2018-09-11

v2.0.1 released 2018-09-09

new: Changed jndi lookup locations for wildfly deployment

v1.2.0 released 2018-09-07

v1.1.0 released 2018-04-06

new: add APM host and port config

v1.0.0 released 2018-02-01

new: Philips branding

v0.0.25 released 2017-07-13

improvement: updated send_application_messages to use durable option

v0.0.24 released 2017-05-24

improvement: updated harbinger-js to version v1.0.5 to improve integration URL launcher

v0.0.23 released 2017-05-12

improvement: updated harbinger-js to version v1.0.4 to improve integration URL launcher

v0.0.22 released 2017-05-09

improvement: updated harbinger-js to version v1.0.3 to improve integration URL options

v0.0.21 released 2017-02-03

improvement: updated harbinger-js to version v1.0.2 to address IE-specific issue for context-launching

v0.0.20 released 2016-05-04

v0.0.19 released 2016-02-02

bugfix: added initializer :append_assets_path so that assets are in path for Rails 3 applications

v0.0.18 released 2015-11-20

improvement: usage logging supports setting the app name instead of it determining the app name from the URL (not passing an app name will use the URL lookup as before)

v0.0.17 released 2015-11-17

bugfix: resolve missing hre_report_format helper

v0.0.16 released 2015-10-14

v0.0.15 released 2015-10-06

improvement: updated harbinger-js to version v1.0.0

v0.0.14 released 2015-09-16

bugfix: removed bogus report format helper functions inside the help module to resolve conflicting function names

v0.0.12 released 2015-08-31

bugfix: added version for Gem dependencies

v0.0.11 released 2015-08-28

improvement: usage logging: added IP address to message payload JSON

v0.0.10 released 2015-08-21

bugfix: usage logging now sets the exchange to be durable and the messages persistent

v0.0.9 released 2015-08-19

improvement: updated harbinger-js

v0.0.8 released 2015-08-18

bugfix: updated harbinger-js submodule to the latest, this removes the console.log inside core.js

v0.0.7 released 2015-07-23

new: added log_usage_data controller method for tracking application usage