v3.0.0 released 2019-02-12

v2.0.0 released 2018-04-24

v1.9.0 released 2018-03-21

new: updated data-model to v3.7.0

v1.8.2 released 2018-02-10

new: updated data-model to v3.6.2

v1.8.1 released 2017-08-02

v1.8.0 released 2017-07-18

v1.7.5 released 2016-07-15

new: updated data-model to v3.5.6 to support new timestamps in rad_pacs_metadata, new metrics in rad_exam_metrics, and scheduler FK and new metrics in rad_exam_facts

v1.7.4 released 2016-06-30

bugfix: Employee.withUserName now handles special characters in usernames

v1.7.3 released 2016-05-09

v1.7.2 released 2016-04-19

improvement: HIPAA logging now ensures only the expected models are logged. Those are: rad_exams, patient_mrns, claims, insurance_policies, orders, visits, radonc_cases

v1.7.1 released 2016-03-23

v1.7.0 released 2016-02-02

Updated data-model to v3.5.0: condense procedures and resources to be unique to an external_system instead of site:

v1.6.1 released 2015-12-16

bugfix: RadExamFacts.Procedure is now accessible

v1.6.0 released 2015-09-09

v1.5.1 released 2014-12-10

new: added new columns to procedures for pro_fee and tech_fee

v1.5.0 released 2014-11-26

Updated for data model 3.3.0 - fact table expansion

v1.4.4 released 2014-11-10

bugfix: rad_exams and endExam custom function output formatting

v1.4.3 released 2014-11-10

new: added endExam custom index to rad_exams model

v1.4.2 released 2014-10-29

improvement: removed unused dependencies and internal libraries

v1.4.1 released 2014-10-17

bugfix: updated dependencies and internal libraries to resolve bugs and compatability issues.

v1.4.0 released 2014-07-19

v1.3.10 released 2014-06-17

Updated to data-model 3.1.2:

v1.3.9 released 2014-05-08

Fixed bugs in insurance and claim_transactions methods on the Patient and PatientMrn models. Now an instance of Patient can call insurancePolicies and get a set of insurance_policies derived from both visit associations and claim_transaction associations.

v1.3.8 released 2014-05-05

Bugfixes from from 1.3.7

v1.3.7 released 2014-05-01

Updated to data-model 3.1.0 for rad_exam_facts

v1.3.6 released 2014-04-30

Added specific version of xerces library to build to resolve conflict with external libraries and SDK.

v1.3.5 released 2014-03-28

Fixed a bug with the order method in the Query library (harbinger.sdk.Query). It now properly accepts order property strings.

v1.3.4 released 2014-03-28

Fixed a bug in Employee.withUserName to ensure that employee records could be found regardless of the case of the username in the cookie.

v1.3.3 released 2014-03-27

Added username function to get identifier based on configuration_variables convention

v1.3.2 released 2014-03-25

Added new radiology reports column from 1.2.18

v1.3.1 released 2014-03-18

v1.3.0 released 2014-02-21

This version is the switch to the data-model 3.0.0 and introduces the new query library. The major changes that require updates to SDK 2.x-built applications revolve around the data-model changes. The major changes need for 2.x applications are:

The CPT code references have drastically changed and require the following updates:

There are also several additions. The first is a new query library to make querying the data model easier, more powerful, and less verbose than the JPA criteria or HQL methods. It is the recommended query library, but it is not required that you update your application to use it. The other libraries continue to work.

The new data available includes financial/billing data, ICD diagnosis codes for visits and financials, and external system roles. Additional information about these changes is expanded in the data-model change logs, the auto-generated API reference documentation, and the schema documentation available on the wiki. Please note! These new data-model elements may require additional integration and testing working before they will be available in any given platform instance.

v1.2.18 released 2014-03-25

Added new radiology reports column support

v1.2.17 released 2014-02-11

Added stop words

v1.2.16 released 2013-11-08

Fixed bug in patient.hipaaLogs

v1.2.15 released 2013-11-01

Updated with data-model 2.3.24 and added primarySpecialty method to employee

v1.2.14 released 2013-10-29

Set static limit of 25 results to warehouseLogs for performance reasons

v1.2.13 released 2013-10-16

Updated with data-model 2.3.23 and new search functionality